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2013-03-11 18:11:53
Why is the Wrong Location Worse than Shag Carpet?

Does that home for sale wag with shag?

We make fun it all the time.  That stuff that seemed to have crept into every home during the 1970s.  It comes in a variety of distastful colors and has kept many potential home buyers from making offers on homes in the market.  Shag can definitely be a drag, but at least it's not an anchor.  Praise God, shag carpet can be (NEEDS TO BE) changed!  Getting stuck in the wrong location- now that's an ANCHOR!  And one that you can't reel up either.  'Wrong location' in this post is simply referring to the location that doesn't work for you.  Maybe it's too far away from your work, school, or church.   Maybe it's too close to HWYs, heavy duty power lines, train tracks, or other things that may keep you up.  Whether it's on 'that' hill that you hate to drive, or westward where the sun screams at your eyes on your way home from a long days work- one thing is for sure:  Location, location, location.  And not just in the sense of resale value, but equally important is if the location pleases you.  Because the last thing any home buyer wants is:  locational buyer's remorse.  It's something you can be stuck with for a long time, and it can be miserable!

So when you are out looking at homes and considering a purchase.  And you come upon that perfect, beautiful home with the tile from Rome that happens to be 20 minutes from where you prefer to live.  You may just want to give a second look to that other home you viewed that had that awful shag, but was where you wanted to live.   

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