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2016-01-04 08:54:18
What Every Home Buyer Needs to Know

When it comes time to buy, many potential homeowners get wrapped up in the process of searching for a house and forget or fail to consider some of the most important things that buyers need to know. This can be a costly mistake that prevents individuals from finding a home that really fits their needs,  and it often makes for a less than appealing home buying process.

Wants versus Needs

One of the most important things to consider when searching for a home is what you want versus what you need. A four member family might want a five bedroom home in the most desirable neighborhood with a white picket fence and large yard, but getting some of these things might not be the most practical option.

Instead of simply viewing houses blinding, start by sitting down and creating a list of the things you really need a home. Examples might include the size of the home, number of bedrooms, proximity to work, specific school district or even certain amenities in the community, kitchen or bathroom.  This list will vary for every buyer, so keep it unique, and make sure it really represents the most important features your family is searching for.

Armed with this information, have a discussion with your Realtor who can help you to narrow the list of homes on your ‘must see’ list and make it easier to later narrow down your short list to only the top contenders that truly fit your family best.


Once you’ve had a chance to establish what you’re really looking for in a home, make sure you can afford it. Schedule an appointment to speak with a mortgage broker before you find the home of your dreams. Find out about financing options, review your credit and get pre-approved. This gives you more power when you are ready to make an offer, and it can help to ensure that you’re not looking at homes that are unrealistic based on what you can afford.

Look at Several Homes

After you’ve figured out what you can afford, it’s time to ask your Realtor to show you some homes. When searching for the perfect residence, make sure to look at several houses on the market so you can understand the variety available in your chosen neighborhoods and at your price point. While it’s not usually advisable to make an offer on the first home you see immediately, in some markets, it’s also not the best plan of action to wait too long to present an offer on something you really love. Listen to your Realtor about how many houses to see and how quickly to make an offer. This is your trusted professional, someone who understands the market in your community and knows best when it’s time to make that all important leap.

Making the Offer

Now that you found the house of your dreams, it’s time to make an offer. Once again, you need to turn to your buyer’s agent who can provide you with valuable information about comparables in the area. Listen to this expert when it comes to deciding how much to offer because it is important to avoid both paying too much (meaning you could walk into the home with negative equity) and offering too little (which can insult the seller). Your Realtor can also provide you with key advice about terms to include in your offer such as having the home pass inspection and maintaining the ability to back out of the offer under certain conditions.

When you’re ready to buy a home, make sure you understand what’s involved in the process, and take your time while exploring your options. Doing this is the best way to ensure that the buying process remains stress-free and even enjoyable and you reach the end goal of watching your family flourish, grow and enjoy life in the home of your dreams.

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Patrick Rogers runs Asurent Property Management based out of Medford Oregon. If you are needing property management services in that area, you can learn more at MedfordPropertyManagement.com.

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