10 Quick Things to do to Have Your Home Ready for the Real Estate Market

Home Sellers:

Here are 10 Quick things to 'check off' and address before your next home showing! 

1. Go room by room & pick up any clutter. 

2. If needed: dust, vacuum, clean off cobwebs. 

3. Turn on all lights- if any are burned out, replace them. 

4. Open curtains / blinds to let natural light in. 

5. All toilets are clean & all seat lids are fully closed. 

6. Pick up & remove pets: food, beds, toys, & especially backyard 'doggie bombs'- we don't want any potential buyer to step in them & ruin their experience. 

7. Air Freshener: marketing studies show that citrus smell sells. Make sure your home smells mildly clean & fresh! 

8. If you have AC, make sure its on to keep the home nice and cool (when hot outside), vice versa with heater when cold outside. 

9. If possible remove cars from driveway. 

10. Hide trash cans & store away loose items outside.

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