Best Burgers in Eugene: A Local's Guide to Gourmet Patties

Bite into Excellence: Exploring Eugene's Burger Scene

Seeking Eugene, Oregon's best burgers and fries? We’re Eugene locals with a deep affection for our city, Heart & Home Real Estate is excited to share a list of our top choices for where to grab this classic American fare. From under-the-radar spots to beloved eateries, our picks showcase the best of what Eugene has to offer in terms of taste and atmosphere. Dive into our guide to uncover the tastiest burgers and crispiest fries around, and make sure to check out our other recommendations and discover the Best of Eugene Oregon.  Let us guide you through a flavorful exploration of our city, hand-selected by those who know it best.


9 Must try Eugene Places for Hamburger and Fries

Delicious Hamburger with Fries and Beer

McMenamins Northbank – Backyard Burger

McMenamins Northbank is an icon in Eugene, offering unbeatable patio views that enhance the dining experience. The Backyard Burger, with its delicious combination of bacon, cheddar, grilled onions, and Hammerhead BBQ sauce, is a standout choice. Not to be overlooked, their Cajun tots are a favorite side, adding a spicy kick to complement the burger. This spot is celebrated for its scenic ambiance and mouthwatering flavors, making it a top choice for a memorable meal.

Bier Stein – Iconic Bier Stein Burger

Bier Stein stands out in Eugene for its perfect pairing of delicious burgers and an impressive beer variety. The Iconic Bier Stein Burger is crafted with a grass-fed Oregon beef patty, served on a pretzel bun, enhanced with garlic aioli, and a unique bacon jam. This burger is a showcase of flavor and quality. The side of crispy beer-battered French fries adds a delightful texture to the meal. With the largest selection of beers in town, Bier Stein ensures there's always an ideal match to go with your burger, making it a top choice for food enthusiasts and beer lovers alike.

Bo and Vine Burgers – Hulk Smash!

Taking center stage with its inventive and delicious toppings at Bo and Vine, the Hulk Smash! Is  a distinctive and amazing  burger! This innovative burger is highlighted with a smashed avocado, that is blended with house pepper jack beer cheese, pickled onion, fresh cilantro, and house chipotle aioli. To add an extra kick to your meal, the Fireball Tots come highly recommended. Packed with jalapeño, sriracha, and chili flakes, they're the perfect spicy companion to the rich and satisfying burger. Bo and Vine's approach to combining fresh ingredients with bold flavors makes it a standout spot for burger lovers seeking something exciting and new.

North Fork Public House – Signature North Fork Burger

At North Fork Public House, the Signature North Fork Burger showcases the best of local cuisine with its juicy, grass-fed Oregon beef and fresh, thoughtfully selected toppings. Served on a locally baked bun and accompanied by decadent truffle fries, this burger is a highlight for those seeking authentic flavors in a modern, upscale atmosphere. The welcoming environment of North Fork Public House perfectly complements the high-quality, delicious meal, making it a must-visit spot for both food lovers and those looking to enjoy a great meal in a fantastic setting.

Lion & Owl – Tasty Burger for Sure

For those seeking a gourmet dining experience in a casual atmosphere, Lion & Owl is  the place to check out. Their burger, known for its juicy organic patty served on a brioche bun, hits all the right notes with its perfect blend of toppings and flavors. The thick-cut fries, delicately fried, complement the burger beautifully, creating a meal that's both satisfying and refined. Lion & Owl's commitment to unique flavors and quality ingredients ensures a dining experience that stands out in Eugene's food scene.

woman enjoying a nice looking hamburger

Agate Alley – Beloved by Locals

Agate Alley has earned its place in our hearts and we are recommended a twist to the traditional burgers. Their falafel burger is a standout, often hailed as the best many have ever tasted. This innovative option offers a delightful alternative to meat-based burgers, combining rich flavors and textures that satisfy both vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. The sweet potato fries, served with a side of aioli sauce, are the perfect complement, adding a sweet and savory element to the meal. Agate Alley's ability to innovate while maintaining high-quality dishes makes it a beloved spot among locals.

Houndstooth Public House – The BB King Burger

Delivering a Southern flair to the classic burger, Houndstooth Public House's BB King Burger is a must! This standout burger combines familiar tastes with a unique Southern spin, offering an experience that's hard to forget. The accompanying spicy fries and onion rings receive high marks for their flavor and satisfying crunch. Despite its dive bar ambiance, Houndstooth surprises many with the quality of its burger, showcasing that exceptional food can emerge from the most unassuming places. This blend of relaxed atmosphere and top-notch burgers makes Houndstooth a favorite for those seeking a laid-back dining experience with impressive flavors.

Dickie Jo’s – SLAW-B-QUE

The SLAW-B-QUE burger at Dickie Jo’s is a noteworthy choice, featuring a messy but delicious combination of coleslaw, applewood bacon, pickles, and BBQ sauce. This burger is all about bold flavors and textures, making it a hit for those who love a hearty meal. Alongside, the garlic fries drizzled with garlic-infused olive oil and sprinkled with Italian parsley are a must-try, adding a flavorful twist to the classic side. While Dickie Jo’s may not be known for its ambiance, its affordable prices and quality burgers make it a great spot for grabbing a quick bite or a meal on the go.

Toxic Burger – The Intoxicator

Toxic Burger presents a daring challenge to its patrons with the pivotal question: How many patties can you handle? Their hamburger offerings escalate from single to triple and quadruple patties, catering to those with a hearty appetite. The Intoxicator stands out among their selections, featuring grass-fed and finished beef patties topped with melted pepper jack cheese, jalapeno slices, Frank's Red Hot sauce, and a generous serving of "the works." Accompanied by side Bacon Cheddar Fries, this meal is a feast for those seeking bold flavors and ample portions. Toxic Burger takes pride in sourcing ingredients locally whenever possible, emphasizing their commitment to supporting the Eugene community. Choosing Toxic Burger is more than just a meal; it's a vote for local business and a unique Eugene original experience.

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Exploring Eugene: From Real Estate to Dining Delights

As Eugene's real estate specialists and your personal city guides, we're dedicated to helping you in discover everything Eugene has to offer. From finding the perfect home to exploring dining spots and many other activities that enrich the local scene, Heart & Home Real Estate is your partner in navigating Eugene's diverse culture & communities.  We blend our in-depth real estate expertise with our passion for Eugene's unique neighborhoods and lifestyle options, ensuring you find the perfect match for your needs and desires.

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