Discover Eugene's Best Tacos

Why Tacos and Real Estate?

As the "3 Amigo Eugene Realtors," we know that the journey to finding the perfect home in Eugene is much like discovering the perfect taco – it's an adventure filled with flavor and excitement! And while tacos are best on Tuesdays, homes in Eugene are great to view any day of the week! Our mission is to guide you through the best of Eugene, showcasing not just the real estate market but also the vibrant culture and community that make this city awesome! So let's dive into some of the best taco spots in Eugene, perfect for a quick bite after a day of house hunting!

platter of a variety of tacos

🌮 Tacovore

Tacovore is more than just a taco spot; it's a reflection of Eugene's lively atmosphere. Located in the Whiteaker Neighborhood, you find some of the best taco & drink combos.  They have an awesome Shrimp Taco on the menu!

🌮 Lupita's Tacos

Lupita's Tacos offers a cozy, family-friendly vibe in our River Road Community. They offer authentic street tacos are packed with amazing flavors, just like the rich culture you'll find in Eugene's neighborhoods. Each bite feels like a warm welcome to the community. 

🌮 Tacos Mex Birrieria - Food Truck

Tacos Mex Birrieria's food truck offers some amazing taco selections right from the food truck.  Make sure to drench them with their homemade salsa.   

🌮 Xicha Brewing

Located in Southeast EugeneXicha Brewing is known for their unique flavors and fresh ingredients, perfectly complement the rich and varied selection of house-made beers. This combination creates a truly enjoyable dining experience, embodying the vibrant culinary and craft beer culture of Eugene.

🌮 Carlito's Pupuseria

Inside our Bethel/Danebo Community is Carlito's Pupuseria offers a fusion of flavors, blending traditional tacos with Salvadoran influences. Everything is very homemade, fresh & delicious here! 

Flavorful FAQs about Tacos

What are the most popular tacos?

Al Pastor (marinated pork)

What are Messy/Sloppy Tacos?

A crockpot creation that is part sloppy Joe and part taco.

How many people Taco Love?

Surveys say a whopping 95% of us adore tacos – they're a universal delight!

What’s the correct way to eat a taco?

There is no wrong way as long as you eat the fillings that fall out too!

When is National Taco Day?

Eat tacos every day, but make sure to celebrate them October 4th.

Bringing It Home

As you savor the best tacos Eugene has to offer, remember that the city's real estate is just as diverse and flavorful. Whether you're looking for a cozy bungalow or a spacious modern home, our team of Eugene Real Estate Agents are here to guide you through Eugene's unique real estate market and The Best of Eugene. Let's find your dream home in this taco-loving town!

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