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If you have had the privilege of working with Madeline Duncan, our Luxury Realtor Homes Expert, you already know how dedicated, caring, and knowledgeable she is. Madeline is always going the proverbial extra mile on behalf of our clients to ensure they find a luxury home that meets their specific desires, ambitions, and lifestyle. Whether you are one of her colleagues from Heart & Home Real Estate, purchased a home with Madeline Duncan, or are somewhere in the process of securing or selling an upscale home, you know how she brings a 'commimtent to excellence' to the table. It is our pleasure to share with you two prestigious awards she has recently received.

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Eugene Luxury REALTOR Expert Madeline Duncan Receives Luxury Home Certification

The Luxury Home Certification is overseen by the  National Association of REALTORs. This designation is awarded to leading real estate agents who are dedicated to the continued development of their skills in the high-end home market. The certification is earned through completing a series of demanding coursework and successfully passing the final exam.

Additionally, the Luxury Realtor Expert must also be in good standing with professional organizations, particularly the National Association of REALTORs. Working with a certified luxury Realtor in Eugene provides clients with numerous advantages, including expert strategies and elite market research techniques that other agents are not aware of or experienced with.

Madeline Duncan completed the required comprehensive coursework successfully and earned the Luxury Homes Certification in September 2023. She was presented with the certification by the Residential Real Estate Council, an affiliate of the National Association of REALTORs.

Additional Certification for Luxury Real Estate Agent Madeline Duncan

Madeline was also awarded a second certification through the Oregon REALTORs Association. The Real Estate Negotiation Expert (RENE) certification program provides real estate agents and luxury home specialists like Madeline Duncan with expert tools and strategies so they can skillfully and successfully advocate for their clients.

Looking for a Eugene Luxury REALTOR Specialist?

If you are interested in purchasing or selling a luxury home in Eugene, Lane County, and throughout Oregon, you can connect with our Luxury Home Realtor Expert Madeline Duncan. We proudly boast that we have the best real estate agents in Eugene, Oregon. Having a realtor of Madeline's caliber on our team distinguishes us as a leading real estate company in Eugene. Let us help you find exactly what you are looking for in Eugene's prestigious real estate market, where elegance meets unparalleled living.

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