Eugene Oregon's Top 6 Breweries

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Crafting Community: Exploring Eugene's Best Breweries

Interested in Eugene's craft beer scene? You're in the right place. Here at Heart & Home Real Estate, we're excited to share our favorite local breweries. Discover the unique flavors and stories behind each spot, perfect for locals and visiting guests who want to explore some of the best beer created in the Pacific Northwest. As Eugene real estate agents, we are deeply engaged in our town's community, and our commitment goes beyond successful home sales. We take pride in being a valuable resource for local insights and recommendations- for all things in Eugene Oregon and surrounding areas. So, grab your growler and let’s explore our personal favorite six breweries in Eugene.

Oakshire Brewing: Where Tradition Meets Innovation

First stop: Oakshire Brewing, the homerun in flavorful taste.  Enjoy their top quality, award winning, crafted beer selection. There really is never a bad beer on tap!  Oakshire Brewing offers both indoor and outdoor tables, in an industrial craftsmanship style ambiance. Aside from perfect tasting beers, his brewery has everything you would want: taproom, music & events, and food catering trucks just out the door.

 nice day outside and people gathered at Oakshire Brewery, Eugene Oregon

Hop Valley Brewing Co: Hoppy Haven in the PNW

Next, let's hop skip & jump over to Hop Valley Brewing, where the experience isn't just about great tasting beer; it's about the atmosphere. Their spacious beer garden offers a perfect spot to connect and network with friends and colleagues. Hop Valley Brewing often hosts events and live music, fostering a great vibe and social scene. Aside from their elaborate crafted beer selection, they have an excellent dining menu.

 oustide of downtown's Hop Valley Brewery, Eugene Oregon

Ninkasi Brewing Company: Crafting Legends, One Brew at a Time

Now, prepare to ascend to Olympus with Ninkasi Brewing, the goddess of good times. We find them to be Eugene’s pioneers in hoppiness. If you love hops & a great variety of IPAs, you’ll be honeymooning at Ninkasi Brewing.  Outside of their dedication to great beer, they also have various charitable causes they passionately support.

 outside of Ninkasi Brewing, Eugene Oregon

ColdFire Brewing Company: Igniting Flavorful Experiences

ColdFire Brewing Company stands out as one of Eugene's most underrated local breweries. Nestled in Eugene, Oregon, this small craft brewery embodies a fusion of European brewing traditions with a touch of Northwest inspiration and locally-sourced ingredients. Coldfire Brewing's commitment to experimentation means you'll often find unique flavors that push the boundaries of traditional brewing. When available, Tangle with the Tiger, is the best IPA near and far!

 Beer being tapped at Coldfire Brewing, Eugene Oregon

Xicha Brewing - Eugene: Tasteful Craft Cerveza

Time to head south to Xicha Brewing. Their dedication to inclusivity goes beyond their diverse beer offerings; Xicha Brewing offers an amazing menu of Latin American-inspired dishes that perfectly complement the brews. Whether a novice or dedicated connoisseur, you’ll appreciate the unique brew flavors. They have storefronts in downtown Eugene and in Salem as well.

 Beer flight and latin food plate at Xicha Brewing, Eugene Oregon

Gratitude Brewing: Brews Infused with Thanks and Tradition

Our last stop is at Gratitude Brewing – a place filled with gratefully crafted brews. Gratitude's cozy, family-friendly ambiance welcomes families with kids. Aside from their plentiful varieties of beers, they have partnered with Tradewinds Café and offer a wonderful selection of food. Gratitude Brewing isn't just a name; it's the very essence of this brewery. From their organic ingredients to their community-focused events, Gratitude is all about good vibes and good beer. 

sunny partly cloudy day outside of Gratitude Brewing, Eugene Oregon

Crafting Your Eugene Story: Where Brews Meet Homes

As you explore Eugene's brewery scene, remember, much like each unique brewery, Eugene houses for sale offer their own stories and atmospheres. In real estate, finding the perfect home involves more than bricks and mortar; it's about discovering the neighborhood that resonates with your lifestyle. Whether you're drawn to the lively areas near bustling breweries or prefer the tranquility of quieter neighborhoods, we are here for you. As Eugene's real estate experts, our mission is to guide you to your perfect home.

For more insights, local recommendations, and highlights, don't forget to explore our comprehensive page: The Best of Eugene Oregon.

P.S. Don't forget to share your brewery  adventures with us!

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