Springfield, Oregon: Activities, Attractions and Things to Do

Why Springfield, Oregon Should Be Your Next Destination

Have you ever wondered where you can find outdoor adventures, unique dining, and a piece of cartoon history all in one place? Welcome to Springfield, Oregon, a city that's not just a namesake for the famous Simpsons but also an array of activities and attractions waiting to be discovered. From the only Simpsons Mural authorized by Matt Groening to scenic trails and the Willamette River's inviting waters, Springfield offers a blend of cultural richness and natural beauty. Just a stone’s throw from Eugene, join us as we explore what makes Springfield a must-visit destination for everyone.


Outdoor Adventures and Nature Escapes

man kayaking down quiet river with evergreens and mountain view

Trails and Parks: Discover Springfield's Outdoor Spaces

Welcome to Springfield, Oregon, where you can explore beautiful trails and parks. Dorris Ranch, a site steeped in history, also serves as a gateway to trails winding through forests, offering an immersive outdoor experience. It's a place where each step brings you closer to the quiet beauty of the natural world. The Middle Fork Path, with its stunning views, provides a serene setting for hikers, cyclists, and anyone looking to escape into nature. These areas offer a peaceful retreat for those seeking to explore the outdoors and enjoy activities surrounded by the beauty of Springfield's landscapes.

River Access: Embrace Springfield's Aquatic Adventures

Springfield's proximity to the Willamette and McKenzie rivers opens up a world of aquatic adventures. These rivers are a call to outdoor enthusiasts looking for rafting, kayaking, fishing, or simply enjoying the gentle flow of water. The rivers' presence enriches Springfield's outdoor offerings, providing a unique setting for water sports and relaxation. Here, both the community and visitors can engage with the rivers, creating lasting memories against the backdrop of Springfield's natural beauty. The rivers offer a refreshing change of pace for those eager to connect with nature through water-based activities.

Blueberry Picking: A Sweet Addition

Nestled within Springfield's scenic landscape are blueberry farms that welcome visitors during the summer months. Picking blueberries offers a soul satisfying experience for families and individuals alike, merging the joy of harvesting your own fruit with the pleasure of enjoying nature's bounty. 


Dining in Springfield: From Breweries to Bistros and Downtown Vibes

Downtown Springfield is a bustling hub that captures the essence of the city's community spirit and offers a variety of dining and entertainment options. A key highlight is The Simpsons Mural, a nod to Springfield's connection to the beloved animated series, providing a unique photo opportunity for fans and visitors. The area is also known for the Washburne Historic District, where the architecture adds to the overall appeal, enhancing the experience of exploring downtown on foot.

The walkability of downtown Springfield makes it a breeze to discover a variety of places to eat, each offering unique flavors and experiences. Whether you're in the mood for a cozy coffee shop ambiance, a hearty meal, or wish to unwind at a brewery, downtown Springfield caters to all tastes. Among the notable spots is the Public House, a destination known for its inviting atmosphere and a selection of local brews, making it a must-visit for both residents and travelers.

For those looking to explore the diverse places to eat in downtown Springfield, you'll find that the area seamlessly blends traditional charm with modern dining options, ensuring there's something to satisfy every palate.


Family Fun and Entertainment

mom and kids playing in pool

Splash! at Lively Park: Make a Splash with the Family

Splash! at Lively Park provides a fun-filled setting for families looking to cool off and have fun. With wave pools, slides, and areas for kids, everyone finds something fun here.

Adventure Awaits: From Axe Throwing to Escape Rooms

For those seeking a bit of adventure, Springfield does not disappoint. Try your hand at axe throwing or challenge yourself and your companions to solve puzzles in an escape room. These activities offer a thrilling break from the ordinary, perfect for groups and families.

Family Fun at Cinemark Eugene Springfield 17

For families in search of entertainment that caters to all ages, Cinemark Eugene Springfield 17 presents an ideal venue. This modern movie theater complex offers a wide selection of the latest film releases, ensuring there's always something showing to capture the imagination of both young and old alike. With its state-of-the-art sound and visual technology, families can enjoy an immersive cinematic experience together. The theater's comfortable seating and family-friendly atmosphere make it a popular choice for weekend outings, movie nights, or special occasions.


Cultural Highlights and Artistic Ventures

The Simpsons Mural and More: A Canvas of Creativity

Springfield celebrates its connection to "The Simpsons" with a colorful mural dedicated to the show's iconic family. This piece of public art, along with the vibrant offerings at the Emerald Art Center, showcases the city's commitment to fostering a creative community. The art center serves as a hub for artists to display their work, offering exhibitions, member shows, and classes to the public.

Springfield Museum: Chronicles of the Community

The Springfield Museum offers a deep dive into the local history and culture. With a range of exhibits, the museum provides insights into the area's past, highlighting its development and the people who have shaped it.


Shopping and Leisure: The Shoppes at Gateway and Downtown Finds

woman excited with shopping bags

For retail adventures, The Shoppes at Gateway and the unique stores downtown provide a wealth of options. Whether you're looking for brand names or local crafts, Springfield's shopping scene has something for everyone. Adding to this diverse retail landscape is Cabela's, one of only two Oregon locations is here in Springfield. This location is a prime spot for those who love to immerse themselves in nature, providing an extensive range of equipment, clothing, and accessories to meet all your adventure requirements. With its inclusion, Springfield truly caters to a wide range of shopping preferences, from fashion and beauty to outdoor and sporting goods.


From Exploration to Home: How We Connect You to Springfield

As we conclude our exploration of Springfield, Oregon, it's clear that this city offers a dynamic array of activities, attractions, and hidden spots waiting to be discovered. Whether you're drawn to the serene beauty of its trails and parks, the exciting pulse of downtown life, or the rich tapestry of cultural and outdoor adventures, Springfield is a place where every visit can become an unforgettable experience.

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